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QuickBooks Consulting

At Grider + Co, P.A., we understand QuickBooks because we use it every day! We perform accounting department functions for clients, as well as our own company. We know how to customize invoices, how to process payroll, how to look up information and how to pull relevant reports.


Small Business Consulting

At Grider + Co, we understand the entrepreneurial nature of small businesses, with limited staff and resources. Often these companies cannot afford a full-time staff accountant or a permanent controller; but that doesn't diminish the need for dynamic personnel in those roles. That's where we come in!


Tax Consulting

When starting with a new client, the first thing we do is look back to identify missed opportunities, and then we do what we can to recover those losses. We then look forward to determine how to get a better tax result for the future. That may mean changing the form of organization or reviewing the owners' compensation strategies.